Whisky and Wanderlust | Underground Rivers And Fireflies in Puerto Princesa, Philippines
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Underground Rivers And Fireflies in Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Puerto Princesa is located in Palawan, Philippines. I had very little time here, so I won’t say much about the city, but I did a couple of the attractions you’ll no doubt hear about if visiting. These aforementioned attractions are The Underground River, and Firefly Tour. I actually don’t have much to say about the area, but hopefully the reviews can save you some time and answer a few questions.

Entrance to the UGR, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

Entrance to the UGR, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

With the number of people around, it was hard to get a clear shot of the entrance, so this will have to do. I was planning on climbing out to the tip of this tree to get a good pic, but the monkeys weren’t having it. (Life vest was mandatory). The Underground River was a pretty cool experience, and how I would recommend you spend your day if you have only a few, like I did, in Puerto Princesa. It wasn’t just the UGR that made the trip worth it. The scenery on the way there was great, the area itself is of course beautiful: the monkeys and monitor lizards are a big help too.

Once you book your tour, I paid 1500p for the day, including lunch, you’re picked up early morning. It’s about a two hour van ride to the beach you will be eating lunch at, and departing to the UGR from via banca boat. (Which is only about 30 minutes transit time). The area surrounding the UGR is a small forested, slightly developed bit of land. There are tons of monkeys, and some monitor lizards about. The monkeys are great to take pictures with while waiting your turn. There are also restrooms, and people shooting photos you can purchase later. (no relation :)!)

– A Few Noteworthy Recommendations  –

  • As you might have guessed, you could get a little wet during this trip. Your feet for sure, and then there’s water coming down in certain places while on the tour.
  • If you’re camera isn’t waterproof, be careful.
  • The monkeys are thiefs! Anything loose that catches their attention can and will be stolen. If plastic anything is heard prepare to be bum rushed. They know how to open your water bottle. You have been warned! (That being said it is fun to watch them steal other peoples things)
  • Lastly, for the trip there, bring headphones. A few of us noticed, on both tours, that the use of the phrase, “Sir Ma’am” is used by the guides enough times to make one go insane. It’s apparently a phrase that must be repeated before, during, and after all sentences.

I’m about to do you a solid here, and save you some time. The Firefly Tour sounds great. A nice chill evening, one would think. I guess you would be right on the last part, It’s not taxing in the least. However, if you have ever seen a firefly (and probably even if you haven’t) you can skip this tourist trap. I sat there bored to tears the whole time. Maybe my hopes were set too high. I envisioned an enchanted evening, floating down river surrounded by the glow of thousands of fireflies. In reality, there are four trees total along this boat ride. Maybe 100 fireflies max. Imagine a cheap pre-lit Christmas tree, and viola: good bye 1500p.

That’s all I have for Puerto Princesa, until next time! As always, rate and share! If you have any questions please comment below. Cheers.

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