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Hello! Thanks for visiting! This site is here to document my travels as I backpack across the world. My journey, as far as I can predict, puts me back in Europe in July 2018 to participate in a unique race, beginning in the UK, across 10,000 miles, in to Mongolia. Known only to a small audience of vagabonds and adventurists across the world, The Mongol Rally appears to be a true adventure. There are few rules, little guidance, and no support as you look to navigate to the end zone in your beater of a car. Stopping frequently along the way, because you broke down again, or to indulge whatever desires and bad decisions your impulses lead you to. Assuming I make it through the rally with no dismemberment or tragedy, I’ll be working my way down from Northern Mongolia in to Asia for the foreseeable future, hoping to catch my breath, and relax a bit. That’s 2018 in a nutshell. Find me on whatever various social media you prefer! I hope you’ll find this site to offer some invaluable travel tips, unique perspectives, and entertainment.

– Nick

You can fail at what you don’t wan’t. So you might as well take a chance on doing something you love.  – Jim Carrey

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A lot of people have a problem trying to decide where to travel to. Whether it be a two week vacation, an entire summer, or the start of a round-the-world trip; choosing where to go can feel overwhelming. There's so much out there to see, and so many options! I hope this article will help calm your nerves!
My last few remaining days in the Philippines were spent in Bohol, the island directly south of Cebu. Although the boat ride there was long and treacherous; I'm glad I ventured over to explore Bohol. This was a great place to end a great trip. I stayed around the southern most area while there, and hopefully this will be of use to you as you consider where to spend your time.
Tumalog Falls is a place of enchantment. Recently discovered in the town of Oslob, on Cebu's southern tip. This spot was without a doubt not only the best place I visited in the Philippines, but the best place I've been in my entire life.
In recent years Cebu has seen a huge influx of people making their way down to Oslob, on the southern tip of the island, searching for the their experience with the wonderfully majestic, gentle giants known as whale sharks. You can snorkel or scuba dive, whichever you prefer.
Puerto Princesa is located in Palawan, Philippines. I had very little time here, so I won't say much about the city, but I did a couple of the attractions you'll no doubt hear about if visiting. These aforementioned attractions are The Underground River, and Firefly Tour. I actually don't have much to say about the area, but hopefully the reviews can save you some time and answer a few questions.
I would like to include a few interesting stories every once in a while, just to give everyone a little taste of what it can be like on the road, and give a more personal glimpse into my experience. While I'm sure there will be more interesting stories to come, this is the one I have to share at this moment.
If Korea is on your list of places to see (and it should be!) you'll need to know how to use the subway system to get around as it is the most convenient and cheap mode of travel. The subway stretches almost the entire peninsula from north to south, and cost is very low. I love the subway. I can get lost nearly anywhere in Korea, and all I have to do is find my way to the subway and I can get back, no problem.
El Nido is not so much a secret as it was in the past. It seems everyone knows about it if they know of The Philippines, and for good reason. This small town is home to the best island hopping in Palawan, and I would argue it is among the best, if not the best, in all of the Philippines. If you're in search of waterfalls, secret beaches, lagoons, and deserted islands, El Nido is the place to be.
I was lucky enough to be able to be present at a Special Warfare Command base in South Korea for a demonstration of martial arts. Sadly, I didn't have my good camera with me, but the footage I took with my phone should be sufficient enough. This was one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed, and I wanted to share it with you all. This was performed as a sort of practice for a later event, but as you can see, this machine is well oiled and not in need of any fine tuning.