Whisky and Wanderlust | Krabi, A Nature Lovers Paradise.
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Krabi, A Nature Lovers Paradise.

Krabi was a highlight in the pages of my trip to Thailand. The area in the town center has everything you would expect of a smaller city in Thailand. Its got great street food, night bazaars, temples, etc. The one part of it that won me over completely was Railay. A treasure trove full of beauty just 15 minutes away. Railay is home to some of the best scenery I witnessed while in Thailand. The most famous in the region is Railay Beach, with Ao Nang Beach not far behind. This entire area is stunning. Limestone peaks, lagoons, rock formations, caves, and plenty of beaches. I ended up extending my time here in order to explore it more, and I still didn’t find everything I was looking for! ( i.e. A beach in a cave. There’s always next time though!)

Railay West


Going back to Krabi for a moment, a ticket should be quite easy to come by. I took a ferry/bus combo from Koh Tao with Lomprayah, and it was all very seamless and easy. In total, paid 1000bht. (I’m aware the route isn’t listed online, but rest assured, it exists. I’d recommend motion sickness pills though. If there was a record for biggest number of people throwing up at one place at one time…it would have been on that ferry. The seas were unusually rough during our trip due to a storm. I powered through like a soldier, but one of my mates was not so lucky, and threw up the entire trip! I have video, but I’m afraid if I post it he will kill me.

I was very impressed with Pak Up Hostel, read my review here! Best hostel I’ve ever stayed at, and just as cheap as all the others! The town has a big night market if you’re in the mood for a bite, or anything really. There are plenty of bars around, but not many clubs. One thing lacking when I was there was the night life, but perhaps I just didn’t know where to look. One site, not for the faint of heart, is the Tiger Cave Temple. Only 15 minutes outside of town by taxi ( Another option would be to rent a bike and drive up there yourself). The cab will wait three hours for you. Prepare your legs for pain though. It’s on top of the mountain. 1237 steps on top of the mountain to be exact. Big steps. BUT…


Tiger Cave Temple View

On Top Of A Mountain!

…….It offers one hell of a view.

A reward that is much worth the trouble. Bring water, and the appropriate clothing for the temple at the top. There’s safe drinking water at the top if you need more, and it does look sketchy; but I didn’t die so…worth the risk. Once you get back down there are a few shops and places to get a drink. Just watch out for the monkeys, or your drink will become their drink.

Out at the pier you will find the boatmen who can take you to Railay or Ao Nang. The cost round trip is 300bht per person. This amount is only if the boat is full. If you’re trying to go and don’t want to wait, or go at an off time, it will cost 1200bht each. You can try and haggle…but they have their setup on lock. The scouts get your attention from a street corner and get you to the bookie, the bookie gives you the price and takes your money, and then hands you off to the boatmen who chill at the beach all day, and I have no proof, but I would bet they split the days wages amongst all of them.  If you can imagine a little boat mafia with a monopoly over transport to Railay…that’s an accurate picture I’d say. I would highly recommend you tell your boatmen that you want to leave after sunset. The first day we were there we left as the sun set, and missed out on a spectacular view. I could just see it over the mountains…mistakes were made.

I have a walk up video from the “pier” at Railay to the beach…but I think I’ll let you experience it for yourself. Go for Railay East first. There is accommodation in the area, but I don’t know how much it costs. No need to bring food or anything either, there’s  plenty restaurants and shops scattered throughout. You can try your hand at rock climbing (I hear Spider is the best to climb with), lay out and enjoy the views, get a massage, or go hiking along the beach. There’s so many things to see…I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

As always, thanks for reading, liking, and sharing. I hope to see some pictures of what you found when you go there! Use #WhiskeyAndWanderlust on Instagram to share, and like us on Facebook  for more content! Cheers.

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