Whisky and Wanderlust | Get on your way to Boracay
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Get on your way to Boracay

There’s a reason why Boracay is the hottest tourist spot in The Philippines. Its got almost everything you could want, all in such a small radius. Did you want to experience amazing beaches, check. What about vibrant nightlife, check. Picturesque scenery, check. Hell, even if you wanted be served ice cream while out in the middle of the ocean, Boracay has you covered. I’ve got all the information you need to get there, and a few pictures to ignite your desire.

DSC02734 (2)

There are two airports that can get you to this wonderful island, Caticlan and Kalibo. Caticlan is the nicer of the two, and the quickest way to the island. However, it is also more expensive. If you choose to go this route, once you land, Boracay is only 30 minutes away. Not bad, right? Now, if you’re of a more frugal disposition Kalibo is for you. Prices are usually cheaper flying in here. Landing in Kalibo, you are about two and a half hours from Boracay. Once you walk out of the airport there are many companies that will get you to Boracay for about $25 USD. They take care of everything, and it’s very streamlined and easy. They will even take you to your hotel. I like to get more bang for my buck, so I flew in to Kalibo.

*TIP* Caticlan can be listed as Malay on some booking sites.

DSC02801 (2)

Getting there isn’t hard, but dress light, because it will be very hot. If you are flying from gate 4 in Manilla to either airport, be prepared. There is no AC, or wifi in this area. ¬†You can purchase food and drinks once through security, and if you plan on getting a phone while in country there is a store there were you can do so for $30.

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