Whisky and Wanderlust | Bohol: Alona Beach, The Chocolate Hills, and More
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Bohol: Alona Beach, The Chocolate Hills, and More

My last few remaining days in the Philippines were spent in Bohol, the island directly south of Cebu. Although the boat ride there was long and treacherous; I’m glad I ventured over to explore Bohol. This was a great place to end a great trip. I stayed around the southern most area while there, and hopefully this will be of use to you as you consider where to spend your time.

Having a decently paced schedule up to this point, I left a few leisure days towards the end in order to get ready for reentry into the real world. We stayed on Alona Beach for the duration. Alona Beach kept popping up during research of the area, which lead to my choosing of it for our stay. Everything, nearly, is right on the beach. You can get massages, drinks, hookah, food, shopping, lodging, tours, etc. It’s sort of like an outside mall, and you just walk down the boardwalk till you get tired. The beach itself isn’t as pristine as you might find elsewhere, but it’s not terrible either.

Our first day, we went scuba diving, and it was fantastic. The coral there is very diverse, and there’s a spot that has a lot of huge sea turtles. There’s no telling what you will find in Bohol while scuba diving! We only were able to do a discovery dive, which is essentially a crash course so you can dive (instructor assisted, of course) We paid 4000p at Go Scuba for two dives. It was cheap, and worth it!

Second day, we hired a driver to take us to The Chocolate Hills (pictured Below), and to the Tarsier Sanctuary. (2nd photo below). I heard mixed reviews about the hills, and it was a lot of stairs to the top, but I’m glad I did it. The Tarsier Sanctuary was alright too, but I wouldn’t go just for that. It was a little less than two hours drive, and each attraction had an entrance fee of 60p. Four of us paid 1500p for the car. Negotiate and confirm your price before you leave, and don’t pay till after you’ve returned.

DSC03274 (2)

DSC03289 (2)

Our third day we just lounged about, and I got a tattoo. I was a little hesitant, naturally, about getting a tattoo there. The artist came to my room, and everything was done exactly like it is back in the states. It was all very professional. The tattoo initially turned out great. It was free handed text, and was spot on with what I wanted. The issue arose after healing, when I noticed the lines were feathering, and a lot of the ink had faded. I don’t know if this was a mixture of lack of experience with chest tattoos, and low quality ink, but it will need to be touched up. It was only $80 USD, and the artist was recommended by friends in the area, but live and learn. Luckily, you can’t really tell the quality unless you’re close up to it.

Getting back to Cebu from Bohol, we took a fast ferry. Only took a couple hours to get near Mactan Airport.

– Reviews –

Birdwatchers Hotel – Best hotel I stayed at the whole trip. The owner, Glenn, is a very honest, genuine person. The hotel has a varying degree of rooms, pool is open 24/7, as is the bar. Staff is friendly too.

T2 – Good burgers.

The Aussie BBQ – Great food, great price. 1 piece BBQ chicken with rice and drink 100p.

Hookah (Shisha) – There’s a delivery hookah of sorts. We had the bartender call and order a hookah, and it showed up about 30 minutes later. I believe you can do this anywhere on Alona Beach. Although our hookah turned harsh very quickly, others didn’t have issues.

Thanks for reading. Cheers.

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