Whisky and Wanderlust | About
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Hello there and thanks for visiting! My name is Nick, I’m the creator, and for now the aspiring travel writer, behind Whiskey And Wanderlust. I hope to realize my dream of long term travel once my time in the United States Air Force is behind me. Until then, I plan on using my off time to travel as much as possible, and to learn how to do it better and cheaper. I’ll be sharing my journeys, and advice, along the way in hopes to inspire more people to take the leap away from normalcy, and in to a life of adventure and growth.

A little bit about me:


Oklahoma native (Go Thunder!)

Currently living in Miesau, Germany

I’m an avid Chiver! (If you don’t understand what that means click here!)

Tattoo enthusiast

Animal lover

Slightly introverted

Always listening to music

Addicted to coffee


Thanks for reading! If you have any questions please send me an email.